Hi all, there seems to be a lot of confusion on whether or not you can use salt as a medicine on Corydoras.

In this pictures you can see what happens. First picture is a rare Corydoras Breei with an obvious bacterial infection of some kind (pop eye). Desperate not to losse this rare fish I asked GJ van Beek for advise, and he told me to try 3gr. salt ( kitchen salt, NaCl) per liter bath for a day.

I prepared a 15 liter “tank” with water and salt and put the fish in there for just eight hours. More was not necessary, because when I checked the fish in the morning the swollen eyelids had vanished completely, as you can see in the second picture.

Now this does of course not mean every Corydoras would heal from a salt-bath, but it sure does not kill them as is so very often stated.

Corydoras Breei with bacterial infection (popeye)
Corydoras Breei with bacterial infection (popeye) – Credit: Roland van Ouwerkerk
The same fish after an 8 hour salt bath – Credit: Roland van Ouwerkerk